Come and take on the exciting discipline of Sportrap, which is now available at The National Clay Shooting Centre at Bisley.

The varied nature of the targets and sequencing will be sure to keep you on your toes and test your memory, on our fantastic new automated area on Jubilee Copse.  Jubilee Copse is nestled in the woodland between Bisley Shooting Ground’s Cottesole Heath ground, and the canopies of the NCSC.


What is Sportrap?

For those not yet in the know, Sportrap is a squadded discipline.  Five guns will stand in five 1 metre enclosures which are placed in a line 3 metres apart.  You will shoot a course comprising of 5 targets at each stand, for a total of 25 targets per round.

The traps will throw a variety of presentations, which are shot in sequence.  Each stand has a menu board showing the target order for that stand.

What is the price and how do I book?

1 Round of 25 Targets 

£8.00 for Members

£9.50 for Non-Members

Please note: Fibre wad cartridges are to be used, no plastic wads.

Call the office on 01483 797666 to arrange your booking.  Bookings can either be made as a squad of 5 people or individually and we will buddy you up with others.