Your safety while at NCSC

Hearing protection and safety glasses are required anytime you are on the ranges.

Are non-members allowed to shoot at NCSC?

Yes non-members are more than welcome to shoot on our ranges although membership gives you discounted shooting, special offers and more.

Is there a minimum age requirement to shoot?

We normally recommend a minimum age of 12 years old; however we do have some 10 and 11 year old children that come shooting with us. It really depends on their build. If you have a concern, please ring us for more information.

Do I need to own my own gun to come shoot at NCSC? 

No, providing you are booked in with an instructor we will always be able to provide you with a gun. We have different calibre guns based on your height, build and preference.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Should you find a need to cancel or reschedule a Lesson or Group Shoot which you have paid a deposit towards, we will simply move your appointment to a more convenient date. If a refund is what you prefer, we require 24 hours notice for a full refund. If it is within 24 hours of your appointment, you may lose your deposit or be subjected to a cancellation fee of £40.

Is it possible to extend my expiry date on Gift Cards or Lesson Vouchers?

You may extend the expiry date of your voucher for one year from the initial expiry date for a flat fee of £20.00. 

Are non-license holders allowed to shoot on our ranges?

If you do not hold a UK shotgun license you are allowed to shoot on our ranges as long as an instructor is with you; this means booking a lesson with one of our instructors. If you intend to bring a non-license holder with you on your next visit please note that only one non-license holder is allowed on the range with you at a time. They must also wear ear and eye protection at all times while on the ranges. For further queries, please ring up and we will be glad to help.

How many clays and cartridges will I shoot during a one hour lesson?

On average you will shoot approximately 75 clays and cartridges.

How far in advance do I need to book?

It depends on your requirement. Head Coach lessons with David Dale book up rather quickly. At present, Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be a bit less busy for booking lessons, group shoots and ranges.

How shall I dress for shooting?

British weather can be so unpredictable. We suggest dressing as if you are going on a country walk with a chance of rain.

Can I shoot if I am pregnant?

Please consult your doctor as it is a personal choice. 

Can I bring my dog along with me to shoot?

Yes, providing your dog remains on a lead at all times and isn't frightened by the noise of guns.

How long are your vouchers valid for?

Monetary Vouchers are valid for two years, all others are valid for one year.