NCSC Range

English Skeet National Inter - Counties 16th and 17th October 

Well done to all who competed this weekend in the National Inter-Counties English Skeet competition. A massive achievement for Ross Elgie, Richard King and David Roling for all shooting 100/100 - with David Roling winning the shoot off!

Congratulations to:

Yorkshire for winning the Senior Team

Cambridgeshire for winning the Veteran Team

Cheshire for winning the Ladies Team

Hampshire for winning the Juniors Team.


Automatic Ball Trap 13th October

Thank you and well done to those who attended our mid week ABT competition. Congratulations to Michael Bovingdon for 1st place and to Finley Bowles in 2nd place. 


All Round Competition 3rd October

Congratulations to Argun Ismet and Matt Hance on shooting 91/100 in the All Round Competition. Well done to everyone who competed today who all shot Single Barrel, Automatic Ball Trap, English Skeet and Sporting. 


BICTSF British Masters Olympic Trap 25th and 26th September

Congratulations to Rod Gould who won overall with a score of 184/200. Well done to all who competed this weekend!


22nd September Mid Week English Skeet Competition

A huge congratulations to Ken Smith, Martin Brister and Luke Flynn for all shooting 100/100 today!


18th September -Automatic Ball Trap Competition

Congratulations to Richard King who shot an impressive 49/50! Second place went to Dan Chambers with 47/50. Well done to all who competed!

NCSC Skeet

12th September 2021 English Skeet Inter Counties

A massive congratulations to Joe Clarke for shooting 100 straight! The winning team for today go to Team Essex! Great scores overall.

NCSC Skeet

1st September Mid-Week English Skeet Competition

Congratulations to Martyn Fleming, Martin Brister and Frank Arico who all scored 99/100! Well done to all who competed and thank you for making the mid-week competitions a success and enjoyable!

Olympic Skeet Competition
22nd August 2021 Olympic Skeet Competition
Well done to all competing in today’s Olympic Skeet competition. Congratulations to Jamie Burden with a score of 89/100 and to our own David Dale with 85/100!
Thank you to all that attended for a great day! All with fantastic scores!
Midweek English Skeet

18th August 2021 Midweek English Skeet Competition

Well done to everyone competing today, especially to Paul Moran for shooting 99/100 in today’s midweek English Skeet competition.

Automatic Ball trap Competition
15th August 2021 Automatic Ball Trap Inter - Counties Competition
Well done to all competing in our Automatic Ball Trap Inter - Counties competition today.
The winning team goes to Berkshire
The High Gun score goes to Michael Bovingdon who won the shoot off against Karl Williams
The Colt winner goes to Jay-Jay Attwell
The Junior winner was Mason Rickard
Rachel Parish won in Ladies
Howard Batt won the Veterans
Congratulations to all, we hope you all had an enjoyable day!