May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Posted on 1st May, 2021

Dear Members,

Firstly I’d like to take this opportunity to officially introduce myself as the new NCSC manager, but also welcome you all back to shooting at NCSC after the latest and hopefully last lockdown. The last few months have been challenging for the staff who have once again been furloughed. We have endeavoured to use the time constructively, making improvements to the ground as well as planning new initiatives for the rest of the year.

Booking System

As many of you are aware we have implemented a new booking system for our ranges, which is managed by our new online diary. This change has been welcomed by most of our customers who appreciate being able to book a “Tee off” time in the knowledge that they do not need to queue or feel pressured to leave when there are people waiting. Together with our new chip card system, this has maximised the efficiency of the ranges and has allowed us to welcome more shooters.

The process for range booking is as follows:

  • Please call Rachael on reception if you would like to book a slot, letting her know the discipline and the amount you wish to shoot.
  • Booking is normally in 1 hr slots however if you require more time due to the number of you or amount you wish to shoot, please just ask and we will try to accommodate your needs.
  • If you still wish to just turn up and take pot luck that is fine although we will not be able to guarantee you an immediate slot. We will endeavour to get you on the range at the next available time, but it is always best to call ahead.
  • We will try to give you exclusive use of your range for this period, however during busy periods we may put someone on the range with you if you are a small group.
Pavilion cafe open

Café Reopening

The Café has now been open for takeaway for a few weeks and is currently open from Wednesday to Sunday. We have now been given permission to open for table service from 17 May, so we are looking to welcome you all back indoors from Wednesday 19 May.  Please bear with us as we ease the staff back in gently. Once the first week is out of the way we will look to open Tuesdays as well. Fingers crossed it won’t be long before we can start the morning with an Olympic Breakfast

NCSC shop

 NCSC Shop

 We have been working to increase many of our offers in NCSC and will now be stocking many items in the foyer:

Cartridges:  We now stock a range of your preferred cartridges, which Include Hull, Eley and RC. Our most exciting addition is a cartridge developed right here at Bisley in collaboration with Hull. It can be best described as a slightly detuned “Superfast” which has been developed with training in mind but will perform equally well at competition.

Ear Defenders: We have teamed up with “talking Headsets” and now stock the full range of Swatcom ear defenders along with other accessories.

Safety Glasses: We also stock the latest in Evolution Safety eye glasses so please come along and try a pair.


 Some of you may have already noticed, but our website is currently unavailable. This is because it is being completely redesigned. All being well, we are expecting it to be up and running in the next week or two.

NCSC evening

Evening Shooting.

Our first evening shoot on I son Wednesday 19 May. Give us a call to get booked in. Please ask about the new Bisley Clock tower Sportrap Layout. Coming Soon!

The Bisley Approach

The Bisley Approach

Now that the National Clay Shooting Centre is working closely with Bisley Shooting Ground, we have introduced a standardised instructional package for novice clients. We have called it the “Bisley Approach”. Its purpose is to capture best practice taken from all shooting disciplines to arrive at a consistent approach to shooting instruction fit for a national centre of excellence for clay shooting. It consists of a six lesson program that will introduce a novice to the sport of shotgun shooting in their preferred discipline, Game shooting, English Sporting, Trap or Skeet. Each lesson is designed to build on previous lessons, arriving at a clear objective at the end. Objectives could be the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme, a first Game shoot or registered competition, or even preparation for a shotgun license application.

This is purely designed for novice shooters who wish to take up the sport in a structured manner. Clients will be given a record booklet to monitor progress, with a certificate at the end. If you would like more details, please just ask at reception.


From everyone here at NCSC, we would like to thank you all for your support and patience during COVID-19. Hopefully by the next newsletter we will be out of restrictions and back towards normality.  Keep up to date with future events and the latest news by following our Instagram and Facebook page.

Just a reminder – eye and hearing protection must be worn by all on range.